Resources for Parents

​If you're anything like me, what it means to be a "teenager" has changed a TON since I was one of them!  The invention of the smart phone alone has completely changed the face of social heirarchy, friendships, fashion... you name it!  Below are some sources we've found to be helpful as we seek to help your kids navigate these crucial years of life.  We hope it's helpful!

Fuller Youth Institute <from Fuller Seminary, this is a PhD level group who is constantly researching teenagers and helping parents and professionals better understand what they need to thrive.  LOVE thier books.>

AXIS <be sure to sign up for the "Culture Translator" e-mails... each Friday, be kept in the loop on lingo, pop-culture, etc... that otherwise, you may not know!>

iMom <great articles on parenting>

Parenting Safe Children <great hub of basic conversations that help keep your kid safe in a pretty crazy world>

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