YL in Belize!

This is Way Bigger than us!!

As you’re getting the picture of what Young Life is, you’re probably thinking “wow, this is a pretty big organization.”  Our development across the globe is stunning and we are responding to that  by getting involved in Young Life’s DGL program that identifies up and coming leaders in developing countries.  For $275/month, a full-ride scholarship is provided for an incoming college freshman who, in turn, commits the next four years not only to finishing college, but to helping develop a Young Life club and area in the surrounding community.  In exchange, they are given all the stellar training and culture that has been the hallmark of Young Life for 76 years.  They often go on to become key leaders in these communities as teachers, lawyers, doctors, and government officials. 

Our area is proud to be supporting our very own DGL student!  Bethy is at the University of Belize in Belmopàn studying English Education.  Bethy attended Young Life camp in Costa Rica as a high school student.  After returning from camp and giving her life to Jesus, Bethy was filled with questions as to how Young Life could have a bigger presence in Belize.  Little did she know that God would choose her to be the tip of the spear in developing Young Life for her country!  As the first staff person in Belize, we’re prayerful and excited to see her grow and develop and to be a part of her staff experience!

Young Life is not just a Broomfield/Adams County thing… it’s a Global thing!  We want to be able to be a part of that story too not only for ourselves or for donors but for our teenagers.  Part of our long term vision is to be able to take high schoolers to Belmopàn every year to serve and engage global mission in a way that we believe will richly show them Jesus and the Kingdom. 

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