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We take safety and training very seriously for our volunteer leaders!  Because of this, we have a specific process we ask each leader to go through before they can officially call themselves a Young Life Leader.  Know that the basic requirements are a big commitment.  We ask our leaders to be committed followers of Jesus.  We ask that you be involved in a local church as well as have a mentor and/or small group/Bible Study group.  We ask for a good-faith commitment of 2 years.  We ask our leaders to give between 6-10 hours a week depending on the club/ministry they're involved in to contact work (being with kids on their turf) and club (weekly or every-other-week program).  It also includes monthly online Area Leadership trainings, two Leader Retreats (regional retreat in September and area retreat in January - see Area Calendar), and both of our camps (weekend snow camp in November/December and week long summer camp in June/July/August).

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​Leading as a Professional
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​The Application Process


1)  Please take time to review the LEADER AGREEMENT (click here). These are the basics of being a leader!  Please take time to pray over these!


2) After we receive your application, we will call or e-mail you to set up a time to meet with a staff person.  We'd LOVE to have you come check out a club!


3) After this meeting, you will receive and invitation to login to our Right Now Media account (called YL Access) to begin your New Leader Training.  This is an online platform of video/article/Q&A that will take you through the history, mission, vision and style of Young Life. 


4) We will wait until we have 6 onboarding leaders and then will group those new leaders into a 'cohort' that will go through 3 training meetings together to build community, dialogue, and development of the ideas you're receiving from the content trianing in Right Now Media. 


5) After training is completed, please fill out aVolunteer Application.docxVolunteer Application.docx.  This application is for all of our ministries: WyldLife (middle school) Young Life (high school) Capernaum (special needs teens) and YoungLives (teen moms).

          1.  When finished, please e-mail it back to Zach Kreeger at zachkreeger@gmail.com

          2.  Please be sure to let your references know that we will be contacting them via e-mail and be sure to have their e-mail addresses included​

6)  After your Right Now Training and Cohort Classes are completed, you will sit in a formal interveiw with our staff as we go over basic questions not only about your understanding of Young Life but also about your own personal lifestyle and walk with Jesus.


7) When your interview is completed, you will be given a login to our www.younglife.org website.  When you log in for the first time, you will be directed to do 3 basic things:

          1.  complete a background check

          2.  sign off on our Faith and Conduct policy (agree to being a person who follows Jesus, who is above reproach not only legally but spiritually, and who is committed to having a high standard of excellence as a role model to kids)

          3.  complete an online drivers test (helps us ensure you're a safe and defensive driver as we often drive kids).



8) Also, when New Leader Training is completed, you will be given a login to the Gallup Poll's "Strength Finder" assessment to help determine what your strengths are that you bring to your leadership as well as to your team.  We'll also continue using the Right Now Media account for ongoing monthly training that your whole team will be receiving and can talk through together. 


9)  Once this is all done, you are officially a Young Life Leader and can start pursuing kids!  We will be excited to announce at our next Area Leadership Training your official placement on the team you will be leading with and will also be able to officially don you with Young Life Leader SWAG... Please lean in to your team leader and veteran leaders on the team.  Young Life is hard work but you don't have to do it in a vacuum.

God bless you!  Thanks for your heart for kids and the kingdom! 


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