Did a flock of flamingos land on your front lawn over night? If so, this is part of a unique and fun fundraiser to raise money for local teenagers wanting to attend camp this year with Young Life. ​At this point in time you have been flocked as a migration from a friend, famliy member, or aquaintance.

Please know that 'Flocking' is done with good heart and it not meant to be malicious. If this was offensive to you in any way, please call immediately and the flamingos will be removed before the end of the day. Also, to make this fundraiser successful, we must have willing participants. Flock removal does not require payment, but a donation would be greatly appreciated. Families range in donation from $25-$1000, and we'd simply ask to help us with what you can.  We also hope you would join us in having some fun by filling out our "Flock my Friends" form below to keep the migration giong to another neighbor, friend, family member, etc... who lives within Broomfield/Adams County AND whom you think would not only enjoy this fundraiser but also be willing to donate! This year camp costs range from $650-$850 per camper, so every little bit helps!

Finally, these birds are precious property of Young Life and we want to keep them in our possession so all can enjoy. If you have any questions, please call the Flamingo Flocking Hotline(s) below. Unless we hear from you, we'll be back by in a couple of days to keep the birds moving through town. If the folks you've chosen to flock don't get flocked right away, don't fret. Sometimes it can take a couple of days to get kids and leaders pulled back together but we'll make sure we keep on flocking!

The Flamingo Flocking Hotline Team


Zach Kreeger -- (303) 552-8506
Cassidy Shelsta -- (303) 884-3824
Tyler Deines -- (303) 885-8845


Flocking Letter and Form.pdfFlocking Letter and Form.pdf

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