Lisa Rivera, Team Leader / ELD Staff (ThorNor WL)
Hello friends! My name is Lisa Rivera and I have been a Staff Team Leader/ELD Candidate since August 2017! I recently moved back to Broomfield after 2 years in California where I spent most of my time working in Student Ministry at Real Life Church. I am so excited to be back and part of the community that I started leading with back in 2011! I enjoy bringing the Gospel into the most unexpected parts of kids' lives! I also very much love the Chicago Cubs and countdown to Opening Day every year! Finally, I am always available for coffee...I love coffee.
You can contact me at (303) 656-0381 or
Tami Usher, Team Leader (Broomfield WL)
Hello peeps! My name is Tami Usher and I have been on staff with Young Life since August 2017. I have a heart for pre-teens and all their awkward goofiness and I absolutely love working with WyldLife in Broomfield/Adams County. I graduated from Friends University with a bachelors in Music Theatre. I also traveled around for a year with a music ministry team called Youth Encounter. I am passionate about music and love leading worship at my church. I have two fur feline children and their names are Lex and Chloe. Some of my favorite things are musicals, tea, laughing so hard I can't breathe, cat related things, anything with peanut butter and chocolate, and quality time with friends and family.
Contact me at (316) 213-6436 or

Emily Gordon, Team Leader (Far Right) (Broomfield / JA YL)
Hi! My name is Emily Gordon and I am on student staff with Broomfield/Adams County Young Life. I am passionate about mentoring teenagers, which is why I love what I do with Young Life! I also work as a nanny, and I am currently a student at Colorado Christian University, seeking a degree in psychology and biblical studies. Some of my favorite things include sunshine, cool shoes, and checklists. I am known for saying, “It’s fine. It’s whatever.”
Contact me at (303) 681-6699, or
Benny Frei, Team Leader (Broomfield / JA YL)

Hi, my name is Benny Frei. I am 39 years old and have be doing Young Life for almost half of my life - 17 years. I found out what Young Life was when I was a freshmen at CU. I loved the ability to love high school kids where they are at.  Right now I am volunteering with Young Life as a leader and team leader, and for my full time job I work our family business Albert Frei and Sons. I find great joy in getting to know high school kids and teaching them about Jesus!  One of the things I am famous for in Young life is moose meat.

Contact me at (303) 913-6532 or

Kimmie Bradley, Mission Staff (Brighton HS YL)
Hey y’all! My name is Kimmie Bradley and I’ve been with BACYL since 2014. My favorite part of being a part of Young Life is getting a front-row seat to see students experience freedom for the first time. Young Life gives kids a chance to be a kid, to be themselves without judgement. It’s transforming, and getting to watch the process is incredible!! Before coming on Young Life staff, I completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology. While being on Part Time Staff for YL, I work at First Watch as a Black Apron, serving breakfast to the masses. I love knitting, the outdoors, coffee, wine and cooking, and hanging with my puppy, Honey.
Contact me at (303) 552-8508 or
Tari Holtorf, Area Developer
Hey there! My name is Tari Holtorf and I have had a long-time love for the mission of Young Life through the years and have been involved in different ways! In high school I jumped into club as a kid and then moved into a leader role in college in Iowa, and then later started up and was a Team Leader of a WyldLife club in our area in 2014.  As of July 2017, I am so blessed to be on part-time staff as an Area Developer, where I get to share the mission of YL and help recruit leaders for my area!  I am also wife of my amazing hubby who is an executive pastor for a local church, mom of 3 amazing kids and an admissions counselor with Grand Canyon University.  I love escaping to the mountains to hike or Jeep, sweet dates with my hubby, game nights, a good cup of Joe and love our local Denver food trucks! I just fiercely love Jesus and teenagers and want to continue to serve them both!
Contact me at (720) 314-4223 or

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