2019 Fundraising Plan

While we know it's expensive, if you want to go to camp and think money will be an issue, SIGN UP!!  YOU'RE GOING!! 
Let us help you raise all you need.

For a downloadable sample plan: Summer Camp Fundraising Plan .pdfSummer Camp Fundraising Plan .pdf

Deposit: Pay your deposit to hold your spot!

Card Boxes: One of our favorite fundraisers, this is pitched as "You'd ordinarily pay a couple bucks for a card at the store right?  Well this is a box of custom cards for $1 a card!"  These boxes of 25 cards sell for $25 and you get $15 back.  These will also be sold on our website this year!  These also need to be delivered by your student. 

Aerating (Young Life Only):Join us for a day (half day) of aerating people’s lawns with your leader.  We do this for donations and split the money between every kid who comes based on the hours they worked for.  That being said, we feel we can earn roughly $75/kid for a half day worked. Click here to sign up for aerating, and click here to sign your house up to be aerated!
Yard Work (WyldLife Only): Join us for a day of doing yard work for donations!  We do this for donations and split the money between every kid who comes based on the hours they worked for.  Click here to sign up to do yard work (for WL kids), and click here to sign up to have yard work done at your house!

Fun-K: Find sponsors who will donate money to you to do our “Fun-K” Night run and run with your leaders who are also fundraising for you as well! Pick a strategy that fits your needs: Ask 10 people to sponsor at $10 ($100 total), 20 for 10 ($200 total), even 4 at $100 ($400 total).

Mobile Car Wash: This one is fun!  It's totally up to the leader to choose the day, but essentially, we go door to door asking folks if we can wash their car... in their driveway.  We just hook up to their hose and wax-on-wax-off.  Again, for a donation, but usually earn about $10/car and as we can do about 15 cars in a day, not a stretch to think that your kid can raise about $75 in a day (after money has been split between all the kids who go together). 
Flocking:  Distincly Young Life, the leader chooses a two week period and your student joins them for an every-two-day marathon of placing a 'flock' of 50 lawn flamingos in different lawns.  Every two days, the flock 'migrates' and the home you flocked has the option to make a donation to choose who else in town (of their friends... or maybe enemies) they'd like to 'flock.'  Again, money gets split between kids that go, but not a stretch to say that in two weeks of going every other day, you can secure at least $40.
Snow Shoveling/Lawn Mowing/Babysitting/Dog Walking: Kick it old school.  This is up to your kiddo and their schedule.  Pocket that cash or even better, have folks go on and make a donation on our website (they usually give more if they know if it's going straight to a camp experience). <checks made out to Young Life if they want to write checks>


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